Memory there is no Alternative


Alternative archive

Alternative archive is a broadly defined cultural project (it can even be termed a collection of projects) cataloguing, and collecting valuable film footage materials of past and present-day events, which are often touching on more than a single, specific area of society. The value of the project is in preserving simple recorded film footage, oral history or a documentary portrait for the purposes of documentary archiving. These materials can be used in the future in a multi-faceted fashion. 
Alternative archive is an ongoing project with a profound value for the society, which can be fully taken advantage of in the future. Its chief aim is the presentation of the Slovak culture at home, as well as to achieve future cooperation and networking of activities with other, similar organizations at home and abroad. The project can prove to be valuable in terms of preserving documentary and other materials for future study. It can even find a broader use we cannot fully appreciate at this point. The intent behind it is to in a captivating way convey the essence of national culture in such a way that would transcend age and be appealing to broad-based audiences.

Cultural Film Journal

Through this project, we would like to offer the general public a high-quality video program that would capture the essence and portray the defining moments of contemporary Slovak culture. The project would focus on important plays and works. Its aim is to convey to our audiences the atmosphere of the so-called alternative culture and expose them to an experience we refer to as „transferring TV into a silver screen.“ In this way, we intend to offer to the audiences a rare glimpse of the life and work of interesting people who live and work in Slovakia, often without our awareness of their artistic message. It is not our aim to make a „pitch“ or even advertise some musicians, artists, event organizers or publishing houses. We intend to use this medium to contribute to the construction and enrichment of the collective cultural memory of the nation by capturing artists at work, charting their worldview and portraying their creative potential. We intend to show them „in action“ and showcase their contribution. The underlying premise of this project is that by portraying defining moments in the life of the society it is possible to connect with the past and to uncover the root causes and influences on the contemporary life. By showcasing artistic masterpieces and performances across the wide spectrum of genres, such as visual arts, film and literary works, respectively, we intend to highlight one specific medium or genre to introduce the others. This „synergy“ approach allows us to cast a different light on each one of the previously „separate“ stories recounted by the artists. Needless to say, these genres are already interacting and intertwining in real life.
Our main focus, however, is to install regular projections in select movie theaters and to make journal style screenings for the public. We intend to install these screenings throughout Slovakia, provided the venues meet the necessary technical parameters allowing for digital projections. The approach to these shows would be structured, with the aim of offering to the public captivating 10-minute “culture periodicals” - an unconventional cycle of events and happenings having to do with culture.

The memory of the nations´ elite

The project’s aim is to painstakingly catalogue and archive discussions with Slovak cultural elites as well as those active in the scientific field the elites to preserve their thoughts, positions and life stories. We deem this task to be of great importance and thus chose to record their life’s work in its complexity. The main criterion for the selection of these individuals is their active engagement in the field of culture, but above all, it is their personal integrity. The project is a long-term undertaking involving the collection of a whole series of discussions/interviews with leading figures of Slovak cultural establishment. Based on their achievements, we plan to reflect on those individuals who are characteristic for their deeply held positions on the principle questions of being and who have not shown signs of wavering or revising of who they are as individuals and artists. In the approach, we make the assumption that the positions they hold today, as well as their past positions remain unchanged and that they have not made compromises in their beliefs along their life’s journeys. Yet another important criterion for their inclusion in the project is that they are guided by a responsible approach to their life’s work, despite the fact that over the course of their creative careers, they were often confronted with the previous regime and its menacing power apparatus that has encroached on and interfered with their lives.