LT Quartet: La Vie a été tellement Dur pour moi

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The word jas (luminescence) in slovak connotes, brightness, elumination, but above all light.  Jas also stands for a musical genre we nowadays refer to as jazz. „Jas Original“ is a term, which ¼ubomír Tamaškoviè uses to refer to his musical creations.  We are honered to be the first to make a recording of this sixty-year old „debutant.“  His album La vie a été tellement dur pour moi (The life was really hard on me) captures the essence of this man’s musical masterpieces with which he has delighte audiences on the jazz scene at home, as well as abroad.  Moreover, his approach to music is also an example when the music ceases to be merely a medium to convey sound and becomes an intimate account about the author and his spiritual and artistic integrity.