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„The topic of the film revolves around different forms of love in the lives of people afflicted with blindness.  In telling the stories of these individuals, I strive to find the values and the beauty in their lives.  These individuals seem as though they were dependent on others for assistance, as if they were just roaming the streets aimlessly, as if they were lost and were not capable of leading a „beautiful“ life as the rest of us, who are not afflicted with their handicap are used to leading.  I am interested in revealing the sources of values in their lives, how they achieve fulfillment, where they find joy, how they go about finding new, and interesting things in life.  Surely, there are things in their lives, which are as emotionally powerful that they can be fully comprehended only by the soul of another blind person.  The rest of us are only onlookers trying to get to peak in and get to know more about the lives of these unique individuals ...“
Juraj Lehotský


Atelier.doc developed the project Blind Loves (with the working title Searching) in the first stage - pre-production.

The film was realized and premiered in 2008 at an International premiere in Directors' Fortnight section at Cannes.